Photographs may be taken with any type of camera - film, digital or Polaroid®.
How to submit a Photograph? How to submit a Photograph?

Photos you submit are resized & rotated as necessary. When you send in the photograph don't be overly concerned about having a photo trimmed exactly to size as shown in the Photo Guide for a procedure, we will make the required adjustments.

Color histograms are also adjusted - that is void portions in the photo's color "bandwidth" are removed, which results in saturating the colors. (Photos on these web pages are low-resolution for quick page uploads & not truly representative.)


Use any one of the following options to submit photographs:

  • Preferred - Simply upload the photos. This works well for film or digital cameras. Photographs taken with a digital camera can be instantly transferred to your computer. Photos taken with a regular film camera, can be developed and placed on a floppy (or CD) by your photo or drugstore. Virtually all photo stores and drugstores have this option nowadays (along with your regular prints) from a standard roll of film. Place this floppy (or CD) in your computer. During checkout, you'll be prompted to upload the photos from your computer. You'll also have the option to submit them at a later date, by clicking UPLOAD PHOTOS here.

  • Email - Attach the photos to your email. Please include your Name and Order number in the text area. Click here to email photos

  • Mail - Mail your photographs by regular mail to: Imaging Department, P.O. Box 12001, Pleasanton, CA 94566. Please remember to put your Name, Order number and Email Address on the back of the photos. The photographs you submit will not be returned.

Please place your order before submitting the photographs. When you place an order, a confirmation email containing the order number will be sent to you almost immediately. Please remember to include this with your photos. SHORT CUT - To reach this page in future, click on the "P" animated button at the page top.

If you are not familiar about attaching a file to an email, click how to email photos for more information.

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