In the email dialogue box - the familiar window where you write your email, look for the "attachment" or "attach" button - some browsers may have the icon of a small paper clip. When you click on the "attachment", "attach" or paper clip icon, another dialogue box will open up and in this window locate the photograph on your computer. If your photograph is on a floppy, it may be under the "a" drive, for example "a:/mypicture". Locate your photo and click "OK" or "open".

For more than one photograph, you may have to again click the "attachment" or paper clip icon, locate the file and click "OK" or open - repeat this step for each photo. When you have selected all the files (photos), click the "send" button, just as you do when sending an email. That's it!

If you're getting the film developed from a photo store or drugstore and having the pictures put on a floppy or CD, the photos should be ready to be emailed to us.

Still not clear and you'd like someone to assist you, send us an email at


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