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Cosmetic Dentistry and Staff Members

Computer Imaging (Morphing) can now be ordered online with ease. We provide imaging for the entire spectrum of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patient photographs can be sent online, or you may have the patient submit their photograph to us and an output copy will be sent to you.

Each output at AngelsLAB goes through a 5 stage imaging process, as well as 4 quality assurance checks to provide you with the highest quality output.

Ordering is simple and the whole process is designed with your convenience in mind. Now you can provide your patients with post procedure images without having to hire imaging personnel or invest in expensive imaging systems.

Computer Imaging Can Be Reassuring
Computer Imaging can be Reassuring

Computer Imaging can be the reassurance a patient needs when planning for their cosmetic dentistry procedure. Done right and with modulation, it's a powerful visual communication tool. Computer imaging involves the patient during the pre-operative consultation.

In some cases it also shows how a cosmetic procedure may not be in the patient's best interest. All output is restrained and done conservatively, so as not to create unrealistic expectations by showing the "ultimate" look.

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