Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Computer Imaging
  You'll receive output that is professionally generated using our proprietary digital imaging method. This method uses input from actual cosmetic surgery results and does not rely on a "computer fantasy" approach which may inaccurately create false or unrealistic expectations.

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for medical professionals

Our method uses a meticulous, digital imaging process. The output will be e-mailed to you and will consist of:

  • Before-and-after images
  • Tessellation lines for profile management
  • Spatial evaluation features

A full resolution sample layout for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is available for viewing. In this example, the upper nasal spine and bridge are unchanged, while the tip has been resized, reshaped and is set back. In the after profile, the tip is less projecting and is aligned with the upper profile of the nose. Also, the nostril length is reduced. To view, click on the sample layout button . (It may take a few moments to open, depending on your internet connection.)


Review the output images to communicate
Review the output images to communicate

Plastic surgery computer imaging can help you determine if a cosmetic procedure is right for you. In some cases it also shows how plastic surgery may not be in the patient's best interest, or its benefits may be minimal . All our output is restrained so as not to create unrealistic expectations by showing the “ultimate” look.

The output images are also a great communication tool. After you receive the images, you may choose to e-mail the output images to the doctor, so that during a consultation you can discuss your expectations and outcome. Further, the output is in a format that can be easily printed on virtually any black & white or color printer.

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