Cosmetic Dentistry - Computer Imaging
Output images will be emailed to you and consist of:
  • Before-and-after images
  • Comparative Profiles

    Comparative profiles come with tessellation lines. These are computer-generated lines, placed for comparison relationship between before-and-after profiles. Each output at AngelsLAB goes through a 5 stage imaging process, as well as 4 quality assurance checks, to provide you with high quality output.

    Review the output images to communicate
    Review the output images to communicate

    The output is also an effective communication tool. Each output comes with two views (front, oblique, etc). You may choose to email this output to your dentist. Output images can be opened on virtually any computer, no special software is needed.

    As an option - you can also print the output on to your computer printer, the output is in a format that prints readily on regular or color inkjet paper.

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